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It’s not easy being green — and affordable — in Boston



With a GREEN certified member on board, Cervone Deegan & Associates is dedicated to sharing the latest in environmentally-focused news and events in the area.

The city ramps up its push for energy-efficient housing that doesn’t shove buyers out of the market.

Some have forgone traditional roofing materials in favor of gardens and solar panels. Some boast of windows perfectly aligned to capture all the day’s sunshine and reduce the need for heating and lighting. And some have wrapped decades-old, draft-inducing facades with layers of airtight insulation.

Boston, which led the nation a decade ago in the adoption of green building standards and still does, is in the midst of a push to extend the practice deep into the housing supply.

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We here at Cervone Deegan & Associates appreciate all things that make New England GREAT!

Like chowder, lobster rolls are the culinary pride of New England. And rightfully so, because they’re delicious. Seriously, what’s better on a summer day than sipping a cold one and chowing down on a bun piled high with lobster salad? Answer: seriously nothing. Stop looking for other answers.

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8 Things to Do on Boston’s Greenway This Summer


If you haven’t visited Boston over the last several years, you’ll be surprised to see that the Financial District is looking a lot more lush. Although it was designed and then opened in 2008, locals and travelers have finally discovered the Rose Kennedy Greenway, an urban park that has replaced the city’s former Central Artery highway. Way more than just a grassy knoll, this linear park stretches all the way from Chinatown to the North End and features a summer schedule packed with family activities and other things to do. Here’s what’s not to miss.  Join Cervone Deegan & Associates for another great summer in the Hub!

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Exploring Boston on Foot: 5 Places to Run

Boston_Charles Rive#195589D


Lace up those Nikes and Asics, queue up a great iPod playlist and grab a bottle of water. This is your chance to explore some of Boston’s most beautiful destinations—whether you’re looking for a quick morning jog or a strenuous trail run. And if these aren’t hard-core enough for your tastes, there’s always the Boston Marathon route. Cervone Deegan & Associates has a serious runner on board and looks forward to seeing any of our readers at these great courses!

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Thirsty? 5 Boston Juice Bars For a Healthy Cleanse On the Go

juices nourish YS_c Kristin Teig_0

When traveling, nutrition sometimes takes a backseat. There are Ubers to catch, things to see, local dishes to try (Boston cream pie we’re talking to you). The last thing on your mind is whether you’ve had the proper food groups. Local Boston juice bars fit veggies and fruits into your family’s daily adventures, and they taste good too!  

Fresh juice is all the rage, slake your thirst and stay healthy at the same time at these fabulous Boston juice bars. And let Cervone Deegan & Associates know your secrets to staying healthy this summer!

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