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Mapping Boston’s Secret Gardens: 25 of the Many Green Spaces

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Boston has 2,100 acres of parks, according to the Department of Parks and Recreation. Isn’t it time you got out to enjoy them, before the winter hits? (And don’t kid yourself, folks–according to the Farmer’s Almanac and El Nino, our winter is going to be severe…again.) Cervone Deegan & Associates is among those who revel in this season and hope you all can get a chance to enjoy these special parks.

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For those of you on the Cape:

The formula for a perfect New England summer is iron-clad, really: (sea)food + booze + water views = success. Which is why we clog the Sagamore Bridge year after year in Terminator-like pursuit of shore front repasts. The challenge becomes, however, how to eat and imbibe your way down the Cape without ever losing sight of sea. And to help you do that, we’ve compiled the 15 best waterfront restaurants, one per town, to make your coastal crawl as easy as a trip down Quincy Shore Drive. Cervone Deegan & Associates hopes this helps all the summer loving Cape lovers during these last weeks of a season we don’t get enough of!

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