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4 Reasons why now is the time to buy a luxury home

Cervone, Deegan & Associates knows that buying luxury property can be driven by different factors for different people. At any given moment there will always be some buyers who are looking to find a home to buy regardless of economic conditions.

There has been an increasing demand for luxury properties among younger buyers lately. As their disposable income is on the rise so has the yearning for higher living standards. No longer is a basic home something of interest, but a luxury home chock full of amenities and comforts becomes part of the wish list in a home. Here are 4 reasons why now is an ideal time to buy a luxury property.

Build equity – People are spending thousands of dollars on rent per year that they will never see again as they pay down their landlord’s mortgage. The sooner you purchase your home, the sooner you will build equity of your own. If you will be considering a 30 year loan product for a mortgage, don’t hesitate any longer so you can be in a better financial position as you approach retirement age.

Rents are on the rise – Some reports on the real estate market have indicated that luxury rentals will rise at a minimum of 3% annually. With this being the case, it makes for a good reason to buy even sooner. As mortgage rates are at all-time lows, in some cases it can be less expensive on a monthly basis to pay a mortgage payment than to pay a hefty rent.

Affordable Insurance – Mortgage insurance premiums are cheaper these days which also helps purchase a more expensive, luxury home. Buy a home now while the mortgage odds are more in your favor rather than waiting until both house prices and interest rates increase.

Rates are low – Regardless of predictions of rates rising by now, they are still extremely low. The lower your loan rate, the more affordable your new home will be in your monthly payment. This all plays a role in your overall expense for a new home.

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You’re Invited! Sun 10/22 Art Show “Other Lives” Photos by Constance Cervone

Friends and colleagues,

I hope you will join me for an exhibition of my photographs for this group show in the South End. I am grateful to be part of this talented collective of agent artists. My work includes 19 pieces with the one shown here, many printed in large contemporary color formats and materials of metal and acrylic. The work includes local landscapes of New England and my recent travels to Europe and especially Sardinia where I toured this past summer.
This is a catered event on Sunday afternoon 4-6pm where I will welcome the opportunity to see you and share my work with you.

No RSVP required.
Hope to see you Sunday!


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News! Last week Cervone Deegan & Associates hosted our very own Constance Cervone for an exhibition of her latest photographs. The event was held at our Coldwell Banker Office, located at 713 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain. The turnout was good and the local community came out to share a glass of wine, some refreshments and see the work. She sold 6 of her photos but there are still others to be had so come on in and take a look!

You know Constance as a Realtor and have seen some of her photos in a professional context. Her deeper photographic work reveals landscapes altered by the effects of sunlight on water, land & stone, the mystery of fog, changing light and reflection. Grateful to live and work so near the abundant natural resources of this treasured & vibrant community, Jamaica Pond is her local muse. She can be found there often, chasing light..

Jamaica Plain, New England and Sardinia – Color Landscapes: The work for this show highlights photographs taken in Jamaica Plain, New England, Europe and most recently, Sardinia – the land and indigenous flora in yellows, golds and desert greens, surrounded by a spectrum of never-ending blues at the coast. 

Details on the photos are at the front desk and the office is open 9-5:30 Monday through Friday and sporadically on the weekend.
To see more of Constance’s photos, please visit her website:

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New Listing: 55 Eliot Street #43, Jamaica Plain – OH Sunday, October 15th, 12:00 – 1:30pm

Classic multi-level Townhouse on Eliot Street. Rare, sought-after home steps from Jamaica Pond with a great open floor plan. On the grounds of the previous Children’s Museum, enjoy a host of amenities that accompany this renowned landmark property. The flow from the Kitchen to spacious Dining area, stepping down to the Living Room with fireplace, and then through the glass door to the private patio makes for easy living and entertaining. With 1.5 Baths and 2 Bedrooms, including a Master with expansive walk-through closet and vanity. Features: wood parquet and tile floors, a Palladian window, cathedral ceilings, central air, and garage parking. Well-tended gardens and lawns boasting walking paths among old-growth trees and shrubs. An urban oasis!

Offered exclusively at $750,000

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Avoid These 6 Mistakes when Hiring Movers

Cervone, Deegan & Associates knows that moving from home to home requires a lot of planning. There are countless things to manage like sorting through your belongings, tossing some items and packing the rest. Even if you are fortunate enough to hire the best professional moving company, there are still some good advice on what not to do so that you can have the smoothest of moves. Here is a list to assist you.

Don’t be cheap – Always remember that you do get what you pay for. Good movers who have trained their professional staff that are licensed and insured will cost you more but will be good for peace of mind. Should any issues arise, they are more likely to handle them properly.

Don’t wait until the last minute – Collecting estimates will take you some time. You will want to interview a few different companies to find out what they all offer for services as well as find the best price. If you wait too long then you may be forced to pick one based on availability rather than price.

Don’t forget to ask questions – When you are researching companies and getting estimates, be sure to ask questions. Things like if they are licensed and insured, what insurance do they offer on your belongings, how is the staff trained, and for references are all good things to ask.

Don’t fall for fakes – Not everyone that you find online is good quality or reputable. Here are a few red flags for fake movers:

  • No federal motor carrier number for interstate move jobs
  • Mover does not meet you at home to provide written estimate
  • Trucks are unmarked or generic
  • Avoids questions about claim process or insurance

Do not pay in cash – Most companies will charge you at the time of delivery when the move is completed. For larger, out of state moves, a deposit may be asked of you but is typically a smaller amount and doesn’t exceed 20% of the total cost. Avoid companies that demand cash payments.

Be sure to do your homework – Do some fact checking on your own. Check their references, the services offered and research the company online for other reviews. For interstate moves see if they are licensed to do these types of moves as well rather than finding out when it is too late.